Bravo Vision debugger
The Bravo Vision debug tool will allow you to find the root of the API errors you encounter on Bravo Vision.
These errors are caused by a misconfiguration in the API request or requests bound to a specific screen, so the debugging will need to be activated in Bravo Vision, but performed in the Bravo web platform.

Activating the debug tool

Once you encounter an API error in Bravo Vision, you can activate the debugger by long-pressing in the phone screen.
After doing that, you’ll be able to view the debug stream inside your app project in the Bravo dashboard.

Debugging the API error

Once the debugger is active, you’ll need to get the same error again in Bravo Vision, by navigating again to the screen that displays the error message, or doing again the action that triggered the error.
Once you do that, you should see some information in the debug stream, pointing out some details about the error and useful information to find the issue.

Fixing the error

After checking the debug stream, you'll be able to navigate to the request that causes the issue and fix it with the provided instructions. Sometimes, you'll need to change variable or data naming to pass data correctly, select the correct data after sending a request from the API Collections, or some other configuration fix.
If you want to learn more about how to fix API issues, check out this video.