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Making changes to your app after publication

You published your app, congrats! Now you are getting tons of new ideas on how to improve the app and you're ready to change everything. What changes will require you to request a new app file again?

Request another app file (and send an update to the app store) if:

  • Changing Splash screen or icon app
  • There was a bug fix that was affecting your app.
  • You added new features to your app that were not supported in Bravo at the time of your last app file request. For example, a Login page, using push notifications, or any other new feature coming up to Bravo.
  • Any information you would like to change from the stores: Description, website, location, etc.
This requires your app users to update your app in the app stores.

App is updated automatically if:

  • You edited the design file (and clicked "Update" in Bravo Studio, in case you are using Figma)
  • You edited any existing features of your app or features that were already available at the time of your app file request.
Your app users will see the changes the next time they open the app (after closing it completely).
That's it! 🚀