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Frequently asked questions about the platform

Where do I download Bravo Vision?

Bravo Vision is available in Google Play for Android and App Store for iOS.

How does Bravo handle responsiveness with all the different screen sizes?

Bravo renders components created with the design tool, considering their dimensions in reference to the specific device dimensions. In other words, it uses percentages to adapt to each screen.

I can only see one screen of my app in Bravo Vision.

Check if your screens are linked in the design tool, this is how you control the navigation of your app in Bravo Vision. If your screens are not linked in the design tool, you can either:

  1. Link the screens in the design tool and click "Update" on your Bravo project page (in case you are importing a Figma design) to update the navigation in Bravo Vision. OR

  2. Swipe left/right in Bravo Vision to go between the different screens of your app. (They will show in the order of your layers in the design file, from top to bottom)

How do I exit the current app and open another Bravo app project?

To view a different app in Bravo Vision:

  1. Long press on the screen so a menu screen pops up.

  2. Tap "Exit app project" to return to the home scanning screen.

How do I sync automatic Bravo Studio updates?

If you haven't allowed notifications on the intro tutorial of Bravo Vision, Long press on the screen so a menu screen pops up and press "Enable automatic update"

My font characteristics aren't kept. (i.e. uppercase goes to lowercase, fonts are not the same in preview)

Currently, font decoration (strikethrough, etc.) or letter case (capitalization, etc) from the design tool is not supported - they will show if you manually type them.

Check if there is a "missing font" notification on your app project page. If that is the case, you can upload the font file in the Font Library (accessible via the notification or your profile page). Then, it will display in Bravo Vision on your phone!

What's the preferred size for the app page in the design file for my phone? A lot of my elements don't look spaced correctly.

The app page size does not matter in the design tool, as long as they are all the same width-wise. Display issues occur when you use different app page sizes in one design file.

๐Ÿง™โ€โ™€๏ธ Tip: Include a splash screen - it gives Bravo a reference point for displaying your design proportionally on all devices.

How can I visualize my app on other devices if I don't have them?

You can use a 3rd-party service such as Sauce Labs. Upload the APK/IPA file in Live-Mobile App and select the device you want to install it on.

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