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Password Visibility Toggle

The Password Visibility Toggle is a feature that effortlessly hides/reveals your password on login and signup screens for enhanced security and convenience.


  • Figma File design
  • Password input field
  • Updated Bravo Vision or New build for your published app

The Tag

In order to set up the password visibility toggle, you need this tag in your app page.
Production tag
Use it for the element that will be triggering the action to hide and reveal the password. Could be used in stateful components or a single component without states.
Level: inside a [container]

Figma file

Toggle Password

  1. 1.
    Add the toggle design to your input password. You can design it as a single component or a stateful component with default and active states. Learn more about stateful components here.
  2. 2.
    Add the following tag [action:toggle-password] to the component.
  3. 3.
    If you are using stateful components, the [state:default] will hide the password and [state:active] will show the password.
  4. 4.
    Get ready to experience a more user-friendly, secure, and efficient way of managing your passwords. Update your mobile app today and make login and signup a breeze!

Example design file

Have a look at the following example to see how you can leverage to include this feature in your Bravo apps.
Figma file design:
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