๐Ÿ“ฒApp navigation

The navigation between the app pages is set in the design tool (Figma or Adobe XD), by creating prototyping links between the pages.

Creating these links has another important function: passing data between the API requests bound to the app pages.

For instance, to create a page showing a list with several items, that navigates to a specific detail page when a certain item is pressed. In this case, the prototyping link will be created from the list container element to the app page with the detail information.

See here how to create the API requests for the list and detail page setup.

Also, the prototyping tool will be used to specify the app home screen.

Below you can find how to create the prototyping links to create the app navigation, depending on the design tool you use.

pageSetting up app navigation on FigmapageSetting up a container on Adobe XD

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