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My Subscriptions: Display data based on device ID

This app enables users to track all their subscriptions in one place and never miss cancelling an unwanted service before the free trial expires.
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✨ Features

  • Home screen with Lottie animation​
  • Send subscriptions data via custom input form and submit action button
  • List of subscriptions from an Airtable spreadsheet
  • Use of device ID for multiuser functionality

💎 Resources

  • Design file: Figma
    Duplicate this Figma file into your account and import it into Bravo directly!
    • Containers setup
    • Bravo Tags in layer names
    • Prototype links for navigation
  • Database: Airtable
    Open the Airtable and click Copy Base to duplicate to your account.
    • Table setup for the list of subscriptions and device id
Even though we'll use Airtable here as our data source, you can use any other third-party tool you wish to store the data.

🏗 How to build it

Read or watch the step-by-step tutorial to learn how the Subscriptions app was created.
In this tutorial you will learn:
  • How to create a POST, GET and DELETE API requests.
  • Use the user device ID to add multiuser functionality to the app
Written tutorial
Video tutorial
Happy Bravorizing! 👏