Bravo Vision previewer

Bravo Vision is the previewer app for Bravo Studio. It is where you can preview the native app created from your design file and test all the features implemented in Bravo Studio.

Download Bravo Vision on your phone

Download on Android Google Play 👉 link here
Download on the iOS App Store 👉 link here

How to use Bravo Vision

To access your Bravo projects: Log in to Bravo Vision with the same credentials as Bravo Studio.
To access an app: On the Projects screen, tap on an app icon to open the app project.
To exit the current app: Long press the screen to activate the menu, tap Exit app project.
To update app with Bravo Studio or to refresh: Long press the screen to activate the menu, tap Update with Bravo.
In the activated menu, tap "Enable Automatic Update" so that whenever you update your project in Bravo Studio, Bravo Vision will also update.