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Is it possible to play a GIF that is from Airtable data?

Yes, you can connect GIF to your Bravo app project.

  1. In Airtable: you can either 1) input the .gif URL OR 2) add the GIF file as an attachment โ€‹

2. In the design tool: add the GIF Bravo Tag [component:gif:] to a rectangle shape layer. (The URL can be any URL because it's only a placeholder)

3. In Bravo: using the Data Library & Data Binding, bind the shape layer with the GIF data record from Airtable and it will display the GIFs in your app.

If I'm connecting a text box to a long content, can it push down the content below it?

To make a text box expand to fit the content, add the Bravo Tag [flexo] to the layer name of the text box. The text box must also be the bottom-most element of a container. To push content down, place any content that is below the "flexo" text box in another container.

In the screenshot below, the Description [flexo] text box in the Section 1 container will push down the content in the Section 2 container. You can add as many [flexo] text boxes as you want as long as they are in separate containers.

How can I determine how the side menu will be shown? In the example apps, the menu icon is at the top left, where can I place my menu icon?

You can design the menu icon and position it wherever you want in the design. If you use the Bravo Tag to animate the menu, currently we have the menu open from the left side. Itโ€™s on our roadmap to add more options for the menu opening direction.

To allow an icon to open the menu, simply link the icon to the menu page in your design file.

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