๐Ÿ“‰Bravo Analytics

Introducing Bravo Analytics, offering deep insights into your mobile apps and prototypes.

Monitor unique users, app installs, prototype previews, logins, top pages, user locations, and more. Empower data-driven decisions and enhance user experiences.

This feature is available in the Business App plan & Teams plan


We have built our own Bravo Analytics to get insight from your app users.

The analytics dashboard is divided for the app in 2 main sections:

  • Bravo Vision: when an app is shared with shareholders or testing users as a prototype before downloading the Bundles.

  • Bundles or published app: When you download the App bundles we start gather data as a published app, so you can start getting data from your real users when the app is published.

Here's a glimpse of the data you'll have access to, which can be filtered by day, week, month and year:

  • Total Previews: Understand how many times your prototype has been viewed in Bravo Vision.

  • Total Installs: Keep track of how many users have installed your prototype in the user device.

  • Total Unique Users: Identify the number of individual users who have interacted with your prototype.

  • Total Logins: Measure user engagement by tracking login instances.

  • Platform Used: Discover which devices and platforms are most popular among your users.

  • Top Countries: Pinpoint the geographic locations where your prototype is making the biggest impact.

  • Top Pages: Identify which pages within your prototype are garnering the most attention.

  • Page Views Timeline: Visualise the trajectory of page views over time.

  • Unique Users Timeline: Track the growth of unique users over time.

If you feel that we are missing some data points that you are interested in, we value your feedback and any additional requests you may have. Feel free to ask for feedback to help us improve this feature further.

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