Tabs Menu
The menu that stays fixed on every screen as a bottom navigation bar.

👉 The Tag

This tag, placed on a top-level app page, creates a fixed bottom navigation bar on every screen of the app.
📍 Where to add the tag: A top-level app page

🏷️ How to add the tag

  1. 1.
    On a blank app page, create a tabs menu design (it can be any height).
2. Create a 2nd-level container around the menu design.
3. Copy & paste the tag into the layer name of the top-level app page.
4. Link each menu item to the app page you want it to open.
Make sure there are at least 2 menu items linked. If you only have one menu item linked, the tabs menu will not show.
5. Import to Bravo & preview on Bravo Vision 🚀
In case you want to implement active states for the buttons in the tabs menu, check out this example design file.

💾 Example files

Duplicate the files below to see how to set it up!
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