Scan QR code (external URL)

Open the camera to scan QR codes.

👉 The tag

The element with this tag will open the phone camera to allow app users to scan a QR code and open the link in a web browser.
📍 Where to add the tag: Any UI element layer (not page level or container level)

Complementary tag: Visor design

Visor design: Add a design that overlays the camera screen to show your users where they should place the QR code.
📍 Where to add the tag: page level
Note: This is only supported in iOS. In Android, the visor design will not show. To return to the previous page in Android, use the back button on the bottom navigation bar.

Other helpful tags

🏗 How to add the tag

💾 Example file

Duplicate the file below to see how to set it up!