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Create your account

To start using Bravo, you'll need to create a user account. In order to create one, go to https://projects.bravostudio.app/signup.
You can choose one of the following method to signup:
  • Email + code: introduce your email, and you'll receive a code in that email every time you want to log in.
  • Social logins: signup with your Figma, Google or Apple account.
The email or social account you use when signing up will be your primary login. You can't change this primary login, however, you can add additional accounts as secondary logins. Continue to the section below to learn how.
In case you want to use Figma as your design tool, you'll need to link a Figma account. You can do that either in the signup step or later.
If you link your Figma account when signing up, this will be your primary login, and you won't be able to change it to another Figma account.

Manage your account

Once you have authenticated with your Bravo account, you can navigate to https://projects.bravostudio.app/profile to see the account settings. Here, you can do the following actions.
As explained above, the email or social account you use when signing up will be your primary login. You can't change this primary login. However, you'll be able to add or remove secondary logins if you need to use other email or social accounts to log in to Bravo.
You can only connect one Figma account, as this will be the one used by Bravo to get the Figma design files. If the Figma account is your primary login, you won't be able to change it.

Change your Bravo plan

If you want to upgrade or downgrade your current subscription, you can do that in the Billing Plan section, inside your account settings.
In case you upgraded to Olé through the Bravo Vision iOS app, and you want to downgrade, you'll need to do that inside the App Store subscriptions settings.

Delete your account

Delete your Bravo account here. Note that this action is irreversible. You'll lose access to all your projects, and your published apps will stop working.
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