4. Test your app on TestFlight (optional)

TestFlight allows us to test and share the app before release it to the App Store, it's completely optional to use Testflight, but allow us to be sure our app works as expected before the app store publication.

Once the build is uploaded and processed in the App Store Connect we can enter in the TestFlight section and create different groups with the users we want to test our application.

TestFlight is great for:

  • Test Push Notifications

  • Make sure your app works as expected before make it public

  • Test DeepLinks

Add test users

1. In App Store Connect click Users and Access at the top.

2. Click the + button.

3. Fill the New User form. Make sure you check the app(s) you want them to have access to.

4. Click Invite.

The user will need to open the email and click on Accept invitation.

Add testers to Internal Testing

Users added to this group can access the app without needing Apple to do any review process. It's the quickest way to test your app with a bunch of users (up to 10.000).

1. In App Store Connect, go to Apps and click the app you want to add testers to.

2. At the top tab menu, click Testflight,

3. In Internal testing, click the + button.

4. In the Create New Internal Group modal window, enter a name. For example, "Testers" and click Create.

5. A new section will appear named as the group created. click the + button right after the title.

6. In the Add Testers to the Group modal window, select the testers and click Add.

The users will need to click on the View in TestFlight button from the email they received to see the app in TestFlight. Then accept and install the app.

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