2. Get the IPA

Before generating the IPA file for iOS, make sure you have done the following:

  • Include the Splash Screen and App Icon in your design file.

  • Have any required integrations enabled (Login, notifications, deep links, multi-language...)

Request for iOS publication

Request this app file (called the "resigned IPA") if you want to publish your app on the App Store or TestFlight (the app by Apple that lets you have your app installed in selected devices).

1. On your app project page, go to the Publish tab and select iOS.

2. In Step 1, change the App Name (if needed) to the name that you want to display under the app icon on a phone.

3. We recommend keeping the default Version Number and Build Number for the first version of your app. For future updates to your app, you must increase both the Version and Build Number.

4. The Bundle ID should be the same one that you entered in the Identifiers step when generating the .mobileprovision file. (It should have the format com.mydomain.appname)

5. In Step 2-4, upload these three files you have created:

a. .p12 certificate b. .mobileprovision for your app c. .mobileprovision file for OneSignal

6. Click Get IPA to request the app package. You will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours (it usually takes less than that), with a link to download the file. You will also be able to download the IPA file from the History tab.

๐Ÿ”ง Advanced settings: Info.plist editor

You can edit the info.plist text that will be included in the app build, if your app requires it.

What's the Info.plist? It's the main configuration file of an iOS app, which includes some internal information regarding the app and its features. It's a .plist file, similar to an XML file.

When do I need to edit it? For the majority of app cases, you do not need to edit it. However, you have the option to change or add extra data if your app requires it.

If your app is in another language, you should edit the existing text in the info.plist editor to the language of your app. These texts are the privacy strings on why you need to access a specific sensitive asset, like the camera or the user location.

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