The app page

After you import a design file, you will enter the apps page where you configure your app.

1. Screens tab

This shows a static preview of all of the screens of your app. If your screen design is longer than the preview size, it will be cropped.

Hover over any screen to enter Data Binding mode. Where you bind API requests to your app UI.

2. Publish tab

Once your app is ready for publication, request your publishable app packages here.

Learn about the publication process.

3. Toolbar

If your project uses an Adobe XD file, icon #1 and #2 will not appear. Sync your project with the Bravo Studio plugin for Adobe XD.

Open Figma file - Opens the imported Figma file on a new browser tab.

  1. Upgrade App - If you made any changes in your Figma file, make sure you click here to update your Bravo app.

  2. Update - Update your latest Figma design.

  3. Notifications - Notifies you if Bravo detects any setup issue with the design file. They do not prevent you from previewing your app, but your app may look different from your design file if they are not fixed.

    Learn more

  4. Troubleshoot your app

  5. Preview on Bravo Vision - Scan the QR code to open Bravo Vision on your phone (if you have it installed) or to open the app store (if you don't).

    Learn more

That's it! ๐ŸŽ‰

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