Errors after importing

You can still preview your app if you see these warnings. They are here to inform you of the various reasons that may cause differences between your design file and the app preview in Bravo Vision.

Container missing: a container has been auto added

This warning occurs when Bravo has added a missing container, which specifies the main structural blocks of an app page.

How to solve: This warning doesn't require any action unless your app preview in Bravo Vision looks different from your design. Bravo functions on a "container" method, check out this documentation on how to set up your design file with containers.

Out of the container: [Element] is out of the parent bounding box and can be incorrectly visualized.

This occurs when a visual element is outside of a container. Preview your app in Bravo Vision first to see if it looks different from your design. If it doesn't, you can skip this warning.

How to solve: Click Fix to locate the element in your design file. Place the element within its parent container.

Unexpected element: [Element] cannot be a [Bravo Tag]

This occurs when a Bravo Tag is placed on an element that is not compatible with the specific tag, so the Bravo Tag will not work.

How to solve: In this Bravo Tag table, under the column Layer Type, you can see which type of element works with each Bravo Tags.

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