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User login with Firebase

Set up a user authentication system using Firebase
This guide covers how to set up a login page in Bravo. The login utilizes Firebase as the user management service. There are several steps involved so bear with us! We'll walk you through setting up the UI in the design tool and configuring Firebase to store and manage your users.
What is Firebase? Firebase is a backend-as-a-service (Baas) from Google that provides features for building mobile apps.
This feature requires a Bravo Solo or Teams plan account.


  • A Firebase project.
  • Login design

Types of authentication

Currently, we support the following login types with Firebase:
Apple login is only supported on iOS devices.
Also, there's an option to allow users to log in anonymously, and restrict their access to certain app pages. You can see how to set this up in the link below.

Create your Firebase project

1. Log in or create a Firebase account in the Firebase Console.
Firebase website - Create a project button
2. Once in the Firebase Console, create a new project or select an existing project you want to use.
3. If creating a new project, first fill in a project name.
Create a Firebase project Step 1
4. Next, choose if you want Google Analytics support. If you do, keep it enabled (it's optional). You will need to link it to a Google Analytics account in the 3rd step. If not, disable it.
5. Finally, we create the project, it takes some seconds.
Firebase project created
After creating your project, refer to the following guides based on the authentication type you wish to configure: