3. Upload IPA to App Store Connect

Create the app

Once we get the IPA file from Bravo, we will upload it to the App Store Connect so we can use Testflight or send it for publication to the App Store.

1. Access the App Store Connect

2. In Apps, click the + button and then New App.

3. In Platforms, Check iOS

4. Type the name of the app as it will appear on the App Store and select the Primary Language.

5. In Bundle ID, select as the one without the OneSignalNotificationServiceExtension text.

6. In SKU enter any number. You can think of it as a number that you create to keep track of your applications. It's comparable to a product identification number. Not visible on the App Store.

7. Finally click Create.

Upload the app via Transporter

1. Download the Transporter app here (available on the Mac App Store).

2. Open Transporter from your computer, enter your Apple credentials and upload the .ipa file from Bravo.

3. Click Deliver.

It may take some time for the package to appear in App Store Connect (can be minutes or up to an hour). You can check the status in the Activity section on the App Store Connect page.

If you get an alert with the message that some tools are missing and you need Xcode, you will need to install Xcode from the Mac App Store.

Remember that for each package you upload to App Store Connect the Build Number on the Bravo publication form needs to be higher than the previous one.

Errors on delivering

"Verifying or delivering apps requires that certain development tools bundled with Xcode are installed"

"ERROR ITMS-90085: No architectures in the binary. Lipo failed to detect any architectures in the bundle executable."

"This app cannot be installed because its integrity could not be verified.".

If you encounter any of the messages above, you will need to download Xcode and install it on your computer. Then deliver again. Note that Xcode is a big app, so it may take a while to download.

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