Bravo supports all Figma-supported fonts. If you use a font in your Figma file that is not part of the default Figma font list, you need to upload the font file in Bravo in order to see the font in your apps. Both .otf and .ttf formats are accepted.

How to upload a custom font

You can only upload a custom font after you import a Figma file that includes the font.

1. After importing your Figma file that contains a font that Bravo doesn't support, you will see a "Font Missing" notification on the app page.

2. Click Fix to go to the Font Library where you can upload the missing font. Here is where you can see all fonts missing and uploaded.

3. Click Upload to select the font file.

4. You may encounter a font name mismatch error. This occurs when the font file you uploaded is not the same as the one from your Figma file.

  • For ex: two font files can both be Arial Regular, but their postScript names may be "Arial-reg" and "Arial_Regular." In this case, it is not the same font file.

5. After a successful upload, the font will appear under Uploaded Fonts. It also indicates how many apps use this font. You do not need to upload the font again for all future apps using this font.

You can replace the uploaded file by clicking Replace. Keep in mind that the new file always needs to match the postScript name of the Figma file font.

6. If you see a Delete button next to the font, it means there are no apps using the font and you can delete the font file from your Font Library.

If you are using an Adobe XD file: learn about supported fonts here.

How to access the Font Library

There are two ways to access the Font Library.

1. Click on your username in the top right corner of the Apps page > Click Access Font Library


2. After you import a Figma file with a custom font, access the Font Library by clicking Fix in the Font Missing notification.

That's it! ๐ŸŽ‰

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