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Connect dynamic data to Bravo Tags

This tutorial is a continuation after you have retrieved data from a database. If you haven't done that yet, check out:
💡 We're using this design file and this Airtable for the tutorial.

How to connect data to action elements

Connecting data to your app design is done in the Binding Setup of an app project. Binding is the action of connecting data (i.e. phone, email, website, etc.) to an app element (i.e. text, rectangle, etc.)
1. In your design, add action Tags. (The example design file already includes the action tags in the layer name of the buttons.)
Check out all the action Tags you can add to your app.
2. In your app project page, click on the app screen you want to connect to data to enter Data Binding mode.
3. Select the Collection and Request you previously created in the Data Library.
4. In the Visual Elements section below, select an element that has an action Tag to open the binding panel.
Container layers will appear as a color element in the Visual Elements list.
5. In the Actions section, it will indicate the action this element has. Select the corresponding data record to bind to the element. (i.e. if a button has the "open phone dialog" action, select the data record of phone numbers)
6. Test out your app with actions in Bravo Vision! 📱
That's it! 🎉