Rejection from the app stores

Bravo cannot guarantee your app will be accepted by the app stores if they detect anything that goes against their guidelines.

We recommend that you look over the app guidelines before submitting your app (or after you have been rejected):

๐Ÿค– Google Play Guidelines ๐Ÿ App Store Review Guidelines

App Store Guidelines highlights

  • Minimum Functionality: while there is no clear specification as to what is minimum functionality, try adding more native functions (things you cannot do on a website, functionalities that can only be used on mobiles) into your app to make it more "app-like" if you get rejected for this reason.

  • In case your app is rejected due to "Guideline 5.1.1 - Legal - Privacy - Data Collection and Storage", ensure that you provide account-specific functionality when you require user login before using the app.

  • Apple does not allow selling digital goods with out using its in-app purchase platform.

  • You cannot change the functionality of the app after it has been reviewed. This will also be a cause for rejection.

  • In case Apple asks to enable "Sign in with Apple", you will need to add it to your design, generate a new build and submit again to the Apple store.

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