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Frequently asked questions about the platform

Does Bravo produce a prototype or a ready-to-publish native app?

Bravo converts your design file into a native app! Once you have imported your design into Bravo, you can directly test and experience your design using Bravo Vision previewer for iOS or Android. What you see on your phone is already a real fully native app.

Can I publish my app on the App Store and Google Play?

Yes! Once you import a design file into Bravo, it already has generated a native app file in Android and iOS, which you can preview with Bravo Vision. Once your project is ready for publishing, you can request the app bundle packages from the app project page.

What is the technology/language behind Bravo?

Bravo is built entirely on native languages. The Bravo Vision previewer is built with Kotlin for Android and Swift for iOS. The backend is built with NestJS on NodeJS and deployed on AWS. The frontend is built using React and TypeScript.

You own the copyright to the content and Bravo provides the license to the code to enable it to work.

Can I get the source codes of my apps?

No, Bravo does not export the source code (for cases like integrating closed source framework or adding custom functionalities). Bravo's focus is to generate the app bundles (IPA and APK) directly for publication. If there are functionalities that Bravo doesn't have yet, we would love to hear your suggestions to consider integrating them as part of the platform.

Can Bravo create websites and web apps as well?

Our current focus at Bravo is creating native mobile apps. However, we are open to possibilities in the future!

Will Bravo support different screens and devices (tablet, watch) apart from mobile phones?

Our current focus is perfecting Bravo for mobile screens. However, expanding to other screen sizes is on our roadmap considerations!

Since Bravo uses Figma & XD for the front end of my app, does it have the same limitations as their prototypes?

Bravo apps do not have the same limitations as Figma and XD. In some cases, we support features that the prototyping tools don't (like binding data and native mobile actions) and in some cases, they support things we donโ€™t yet (like certain animations). Figma and XD are simply used as the design tool.

Why do the other no-code platforms use React Native and Bravo Studio don't?

The main aim of Bravo is to build real native apps (i.e. in Kotlin and Swift, the native Android and iOS code). Whereas React Native, Flutter, Ionic/Cordova, NativeScript won't have quite the same experience as real native code.

Is Bravo scalable?

Our system is scalable, and will allocate additional resources on demand. This way, the apps will be able to handle as many installs and users as needed. However, it is important to choose the backend to fit your needs in terms of activity.

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