7. Updating an app in the App Store

Updating an App in the App Store

If we want only to upload a new Bravo IPA package to App Store Connect without creating a new App store version, we just need to be sure we upload it with a different "Build number", build numbers are increased automatically for each new build you request, these numbers are used internally to identify the different uploads in the App Store Connect.

If for the other hand you want to release a new update on the App store, first we will access to App Store Connect enter in the app you want to create a new version and click on the plus sign. It will ask you which version number you want to use, so if your app was version 1.0, usually you would increase it to 1.0.1, 1.1, or 2.0, depending on the number of features and changes that have been done.

Once done, we will go back to the Bravo Publication Form and fill in the "Version Number" the same Version we've created in the App Store Connect.

The process is equal to the publication, we will wait until get the signed build (IPA file) in your email and upload it to the App Store Connect using the Transporter app.

Now is also the time to change any app information (description, screenshots, etc.) in App Store Connect, as most of the information can only be changed when doing an App Update. Fill in "What's New in This Version" and select the uploaded package in the Build field.

Describe what's new in this version of your app, such as new features, improvements, and bug fixes.

When you are ready to send the new update to review, click Submit for Review. Done!

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