Connect multiple tables from Airtable to one app

In Airtable, multiple tables can be used to separate the content of different sections in your app.

1. In the design tool, create one app page for each table.

  • You will later create one request per table, and connect each request to each screen in Bravo.

2. In Bravo, create a request for the first table (Indonesia)

2.1 Open the API Documentation for your Airtable base, locate "Tab 1" Table > List records

2.2 Copy the URL under "Example Request" (everything before "?")

2.3 Paste to Request URL field in Bravo

2.4 Put in your Authorization key in the Headers

2.5 Press Send & choose the data you want to display in app screen #1

3. To connect the 2nd (and so on) table to app screen #2, in the Airtable API Documentation, locate "Tab 2" Table > List records

3.1 Copy the URL for that table

3.2 Create a separate request in your data collection in Bravo

3.3 Repeat Step 2.3 - 2.5

That's it! ๐ŸŽ‰

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