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Deep Links

Create a shareable link that will open your app to a specific screen.
Upgrade your free account to the Bravo Solo or Bravo Teams plan to use this feature.
A deep link is a type of link that will send the user to a specific page of a mobile app. Usually, deep links are used in QR codes or in websites. When these links are opened on a phone (browser, QR code or other method), the user will be redirected to the part of the app we specified.
Once you have imported a design file into Bravo and created an app project, you can generate a deep link targeting any of the app pages. To do that:
  1. 1.
    Go to Integrations > Deep Links.
  2. 2.
    Click on the button to Enable Firebase Dynamic Links.
Here's an overview of what is needed to generate a deep link:
  • Deep Link Name: The name for the deep link you'll generate. You can use any name you prefer. Later on, the latest generated deep links will appear in the panel, identified with the name you set here.
  • URL copied from Bravo Vision: Here, specify the app page you want to target with the deep link. To get this URL, you need to open the app in Bravo Vision, go to the desired page, long press, and select Copy page URL, as indicated here.
  • URL to open from desktop: in case the deep link is opened from a desktop device instead of a mobile phone, the URL specified here will be opened. You can set it to whatever webpage you wish. Remember to provide the complete webpage URL (including https://).
In Bravo, you can create a Deep Link that targets either an app in Bravo Vision or a live app.
For specific instructions, refer to the documentation provided in the following guides:
Find some tips on the following page on how to troubleshoot deep links: