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Facebook App Events

Track user actions in your apps with Facebook App Events
Use Facebook App Events to track events your users triggered in an app. Some examples could be an app installation, or completing a purchase.
You'll need to have a Facebook Developer account, and one app created there.
This feature is available as part of the Advanced and Business App plans.

1. Facebook Meta developer portal app

3. Follow all the steps to create the app
4. Add App Events to the app created.

2. Bravo configuration

  1. 1.
    Upgrade your app to Business.
  2. 2.
    Go to the Integration section > Analytics.
  3. 3.
    Enable the Facebook App Events SDK feature.
  4. 4.
    In the Facebook Portal, copy the Facebook App ID and the Client Token then paste them into Bravo Studio
5. For Android, you need to request a build since an SHA will be needed.

3- Facebook Meta developer portal app

In My apps, open the app dashboard, select Settings → Basic
Go to the bottom and choose Add Platform, choose the platforms your app will use.
Next, you will need to fill in some information.

For iOS

You need to fill at least: the Bundle ID, iPhone Store ID and iPad Store ID. Bundle ID needs to be the same one you use for the app publication form in Bravo.
Regarding the iPhone Store ID and iPad Store ID, this can be obtained in the Appstore Connect.

For Android

You’ll need to request builds to get the needed key hashes. Debug APK and Publishable AAB have different key hashes, so be sure you add both.
There's a column in the Build Request History table to get this keys.
Add your package name, and in Class Name enter BravoActivity
Now fill the required facebook settings in the Bravo page. You need the Facebook APP ID and the Facebook Client Token.
Facebook App ID you can find it here:
Regarding Facebook Client Token, you need to go to Settings > Advanced, you will find it there.
Once Bravo settings are saved, Facebook Events should be ready to test, Facebook events will only work on the final app, so create a new app package.
Once the package is installed it should ask the users if they accept to be tracked, if they click Yes, Facebook will start tracking the users and the events should start to be received by Facebook (Could take some minutes for the events to be logged).
They should appear in the Facebook Events Manager
Choose Data Sources and the app you created, you should see the events there.