๐Ÿ“ฒEvent logger

The Event logger tool will allow you to debug and find the root of the API errors you encounter on Bravo Vision, as well as give you more visibility on the actions performed in the app while previewing it on Bravo Vision.

The errors are caused by a misconfiguration in the API request or requests bound to a specific screen. The debugger will help to get more details on:

  • Remote actions

  • API requests on navigation

  • Form errors

  • Parameters carried over to the next screen

The tool has two separate parts:

  • Bravo Vision logger: this can be opened in Bravo Vision, after long-pressing a screen of the app you're previewing. You'll see a list with the latest events that occurred in the app, such as actions, page navigations, and API requests.

  • Platform logger: this is activated on Bravo Vision, and can be seen in Bravo the web platform, inside your app project. You'll be able to see more information about each action that was performed, including API requests involved, parameters, and so on.

Using the event logger in Bravo Vision

To open the event logger in Bravo Vision, long press while previewing an app. Then, select Open troubleshooting tools. This will open the log with the latest events.

Using the event logger in the web platform

As mentioned above, the event logger in the Bravo web platform will allow you to view more information about the app events, and help you troubleshoot any API-related issues you might encounter.

To enable the event logger in the platform, open the troubleshooting tools. Once you're inside the Bravo Vision logger, press on the bug icon on the top right. This will enable the event logger in the platform:

After activating the platform logger, you'll be able to open the event logger by clicking on the icon in the top right bar.

Here, you'll be able to see more information about each event. For instance, the event below corresponds to navigating to a detail page from a list. It's possible to see the request bound to this page, as well as parameters carried over from previous pages - for instance, the record ID in the database for the element shown in the detail page.

Debugging an API error

In case you encounter an error in Bravo Vision, you can use the event logger to find the root of the issue. Once the platform logger is active, youโ€™ll need to reproduce the same error again in Bravo Vision, by navigating to the screen that displays the error message, or doing the action that triggered the error.

Once you do that, you should see some information in the debug stream, pointing out some details about the error and useful information to find the issue.

Fixing the error

After checking the debug stream, you'll be able to navigate to the request that causes the issue and fix it with the provided instructions. Sometimes, you'll need to change variable or data naming to pass data correctly, select the correct data after sending a request from the API Collections, or some other configuration fix.

If you want to learn more about how to fix API issues, check out this video.

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