4. Get the AAB (Android App Bundle) file to publish

Request for Android publication

Request this app file if you want to publish your app on Google Play.

1. On your app project page, go to the Publish tab and select Android.

2. Choose the Publication tab. Here, you need to specify the keystore options described in this step of the publication guide. In case you are creating your own Keystore using the Bravo dashboard for the first time, or you want to use the Bravo Keystore, select one of those options and jump to Step 4 in this page.

3. If you chose to create your own Keystore using Android Studio or the MacOS terminal, or you're uploading your own keystore you had already created with Bravo, select Upload Keystore and fill in the info.

4. For step 2, change the App Name if you'd like. We recommend keeping the default Version Name, Version Code, and Package Name unless you know how to configure them.

Bravo generates the Package name by default. Feel free to change it

5. In case your app is targeting children, you can't include notifications or Stripe payments in the app, as per Google Play policy. Also, you'll need to mark the checkbox below.

  1. If your app has authentication, you need to provide an account deletion URL for Google Play which you can copy by clicking on the Copy URL button of Step 4.

Where should I use the Deletion account URL for Google Play? Learn here.

  1. Click Get Publishable AAB to request the app package. Once the package is generated (it usually takes less than 1 hour), you will be able to download it from the History tab, up to 30 days after generating it. You will also receive a confirmation email, together with a download link.

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