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Upgrading a plan

Upgrade to Bravo Solo plan

If you are on the Bravo Starter plan, you can go to the pricing page and upgrade to Bravo Solo. You can choose between the monthly or yearly subscription.
The add-on apps billing cycle will follow your Bravo Solo billing cycle, meaning if you have a yearly Bravo Solo billing cycle and then adds an Advanced app upgrade, the Advanced app will also be a yearly billing.
If it’s your first time upgrading to Bravo Solo, you will have a 7-day free trial after you sign up and before your billing cycle starts. If you have been on the Bravo Solo plan before, your billing cycle will begin immediately after you upgrade.

Upgrade to Bravo Teams plan

Bravo Teams plan is the best option if you need to work with different multiple people. Schedule a call here to learn more about Bravo Teams plan.
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