App allowance

App allowance is an ongoing Advanced app or Business app subscription that can be assigned to any app. This add-on can be reassigned to different apps as needed. If you decide to downgrade an app from its Advanced or Business add-on, the subscription will not be cancelled but it becomes available to assign to a different app.

How many add-ons do I have?

In the Billing section of your account, you can see the total number of Advanced app and Business app add-ons you current have, assigned + unassigned.

Checking App Allowances

Follow these steps to review how many allowances you currently have:

  1. Go to "Manage Apps" section.

  2. Navigate to the โ€œAdvanced/Business app allowanceโ€ tab.

  1. In Manage apps, you can see the number of Advanced/Business apps that are assigned to an app, and the number of allowances that are currently unused.

Assigning an App allowance

If you have an Advanced/Business app allowance, you can assign it to any app within the app project. Follow these steps:

  1. Enter your preferred app.

  2. Click on the "Upgrade App" button on top right.

  3. A pop-up to upgrade will appear and you should select the add-on you currently have available. Click on Upgrade.

  4. Click another red "Upgrade" button to confirm. The Advanced/Business app allowance will be assigned for this app. The selected app will be upgraded immediately to Advanced/Business without any additional charges to your billing cycle.

Unassigning an app allowance

Unassign an app allowance is the same as removing an Advanced or a Business app upgrade from an app. Follow the steps to downgrade an app here.

Ending an app subscription

To end an Advanced/Business app subscription from your billing cycle:

  1. Go to the โ€œAdvanced/Business app allowanceโ€ tab.

  2. Click on the minus button to remove the desired number of unassigned Advanced/Business app allowances and click on "Confirm change".

  3. A pop-up will appear to confirm that you want to remove the Advanced/Business App allowance, click "Confirm" to complete.

You can only end the subscription after you unassign an allowance. The subscription will remain active until the end of the current billing cycle. During this period, if you assign the allowance to an app, the scheduled subscription removal will be cancelled and the subscription will continue again.

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