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Versioning allows to make changes in your Bravo project without affecting your published app. This is very useful in case you want to work on improvements or test new features for your published apps. These changes will be kept in draft mode, until you choose to push them to the published app. You'll be able to test the draft version on Bravo Vision.

How to use versioning

1. In order to activate versioning in your Bravo project, go to Settings in the project dashboard, then Versioning, and enable Version Management.
2. From this moment, whenever you make a change to your project (either a modification on the design file, or in the data library/data binding), it will be kept in the draft version. You'll be able to test this draft version on Bravo Vision, while the live (published) version won't be modified.
3. If you want to publish the draft version, you'll need to click on the Publish Changes icon in the top right of the project dashboard. When clicking on it, a tab asking to confirm the publication will pop up, including the time past from the last push.