Bravo Subscription Plans Overview

What are Bravo's subscription plans?

On our pricing page, you can find all of our Bravo subscription plans listed, along with a comparison of their features. This will help you choose the plan that best suits your needs for creating the apps you want.

Starter plan

Our free plan is a great option for those who are just starting out with Bravo. It provides users with basic features to experience creating standard mobile apps with our powerful platform.
The Starter plan includes:
  • App projects:
    • Unlimited Starter apps (Up to 15 app screens)
    • ​App sharing to 3 emails/app
    • All Bravo Tags
    • Bravo Vision previewer app
  • API Collections:
    • All API requests types
    • Pagination
    • Authentication (Basic, API key and Bearer token)
  • Integrations: OneSignal (Push notifications)​
  • Support: Bravo Community

Olé plan

A 7-day free trial is available for the Olé plan. Sign up to Olé and add a payment method to start. You will not be charged until the 7-day trial is over. We will also send you a reminder before your trial period ends. After the trial ends, you'll be automatically subscribed to the Olé plan and the monthly or yearly billing cycle will start from the trial end date. Try the Olé plan now.​
If you add a Pro app upgrade during your trial, your trial will end and the billing cycle will begin immediately for the Olé plan + Pro app.
Our Olé plan pricing options include 19€ per month or a discounted rate of 189€ per year (2 months free). The Olé plan includes:
The Olé plan gives you access to our Premium apps:

Premium Apps

Our premium apps offer a range of powerful features designed to enhance your app functionalities. You can choose the upgrade that best suits your app based on the features you want to add to it.

Pro App

The Pro app upgrade is applied to one app per upgrade. It gives the selected app extra publication benefits such full design control with custom branding, along with all the features of Olé. With 50 app screens and versioning, creating a polished and professional app has never been easier.
This app upgrade includes:
Our Pro pricing options include 19€ per app per month or a discounted rate of 189€ per app per year (2 months free).

Advanced App

Upgrading your app to the Advanced tier is an excellent choice for growing your app and gaining insights into user behaviour. This app upgrade includes:
Our Advanced pricing options include 89€ per app per month or a discounted rate of 890€ per app per year (2 months free).

Business App

This tier is ideal for businesses with high-volume needs that aim to create robust, monetizable apps. This app upgrade includes:
  • All Advanced features
  • Unlimited Advanced apps (up to 100 app screens)
  • Additional Integrations:
We offer Business plans at 199€ per app per month, or you can choose our discounted annual plan at 1990€ per app per year, which includes two months of free usage.
Upgrade to our premium apps and take your business to the next level with advanced features and dedicated support! Choose your plan now.
Please note that the Premium App cost is in addition to your actual Olé subscription. For example, if you have an Olé subscription, one Pro App and another Advanced App, the total monthly cost would be 127€ (19€ Olé + 19€ Pro + 89€ Advanced).

What is "custom branded app"?

The Bravo branding means that a Bravo logo would appear on the app icon and splash screen of your published and installed apps.

What is "app build"?

Builds are the native app files (called AAB for Android, and IPA for iOS) of your app that you can upload directly to the app stores. One build is one app file requested, meaning if you request a IPA and an AAB for the same app, it is 2 builds. Learn more about requesting builds.

What is "app sharing"?

App sharing means you can privately distribute your app from Bravo Studio to anyone to view and try out on their mobile device using the Bravo Vision previewer. Learn more about app sharing.
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