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Support Policy

At Bravo, our mission is to assist users in exploring the full potential of our platform for mobile application development. We are committed to providing an excellent user experience and resolving any issues or technical challenges that may arise during your app-building journey.

Access detailed information by referring to this resource: Support Policy

How to Reach Us

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What We Can Assist You With

Our Technical Support team is here to guide you on various topics, including:

  1. Setting up the design file.

  2. Creating API requests with the Data Library.

  3. Data Binding: Connecting data to app screens.

  4. Errors with app bundle generation for publication.

What's Outside Our Scope

Due to Bravo's flexibility in integrating with any 3rd party APIs for data storage, our support doesn't cover:

  • Integration or setup of a specific backend API or tool.

  • Best Option: Refer to the API documentation and tutorials of the specific tool for detailed guidance.

  • Third-Party Support: Contact the support service of the third-party tool for additional assistance.

We're here to empower you on your app-building journey with Bravo. Don't hesitate to reach out, and let's create something amazing together!

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