Update Airtable's API key to Access Token

If you're using Airtable, it's essential to migrate from legacy API Keys to Personal Access Tokens for improved security and functionality. This guide is for users who already have an API collection created with Airtable and need to switch from an API key to an Access Token.

Why Update?

API keys deprecation ended on Feb 1, 2024.

After this date, API keys will stop working and you will have to migrate to personal access tokens. Personal access tokens allow you to more securely grant API access to Airtable data. Learn more

Personal Access Tokens offer enhanced security and better control over your Airtable API access. By migrating, you ensure a more robust and modern authentication method.

How to update the API key to Personal Access Token?

  1. Access the Airtable Developer Hub:

    • Open Airtable and navigate to your account in the upper right corner.

    • Click on the dropdown menu and choose "Developer Hub." Alternatively, if you're already signed in, click here to access the Developer Hub directly.

  2. Creating the Personal Access Token:

    • Inside the Developer Hub, go to the "Personal access tokens" tab.

    • Click on "Create new token."

    • Set a name for your token, such as "Bravo".

    • Add Scopes: Click on "+ Add a scope" and ensure both "data.records:read" and "data.records:write" are selected.

    • Select the workspace and Base: Click on "+ Add a base" and choose either "All workspaces" or a specific base according to your preference.

    • Click Create token. Make sure you verified your email first.

    • A modal will appear, confirming the token creation. Copy the generated token.

  1. Integrating Token in Bravo:

    • In Bravo, navigate to the Account Collection or Data collection within your app.

    • Within the API collection and beside the API collection name, locate the gear icon and select the "Authentication" tab.

    • Choose "Bearer" as the authentication type and paste the copied token into the designated field.

    • This sets up the new access token for the entire API collection, streamlining the process and avoiding the need to add it to each request individually.

  1. Click on Save and you're done! ๐ŸŽ‰ Run a test to ensure that your Bravo project successfully connects to Airtable with the new Personal Access Token.

If you're creating the API collection with Airtable from scratch, follow our guide: Using the Airtable API Wizard.

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