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When I log in to Bravo with my Figma account, which files am I allowing Bravo Studio to read? Only the ones that I am importing into Bravo Studio, or all the files that I have in my Figma account?

When you import a Figma file into Bravo, you will import only the designs in that specific file, not your entire account.

"Your app design has too many screens"

Upgrade your app to increase the maximum number of pages of your app.

This error occurs when the design file you are trying to import reaches the maximum file limit. The easiest way of bypassing this error is to upgrade your app to a higher plan, but you can also try the following options:

  • Reduce the number of pages, layers, vectors elements or groups.

  • Add the [skip] tag to any Figma frame (and page) non-relevant to the app.

  • Group together vector layers. This way Bravo considers them as one element rather than many separate elements.

  • Use the [component:svg] tag to convert multiple elements into just one, when you don't need to bind any data to them.

Also, you can try creating "base" screens and populate them with the data, rather than manually creating the detail pages or content in the design file.

What does the notification "Containers added" after importing a project mean?

These notifications won't prevent you from seeing your app, so you can still preview it! This specific notification "Container added" shows up when Bravo has added a missing frame (or "container"), which specifies the main structural blocks of an app screen (very similar to a website). Bravo functions on this "container method," check out the documentation here!

Sketch integration?

It is not yet in our upcoming roadmap, but you can import Sketch files into Figma!

Adobe XD integration?

Bravo supports Adobe XD! Check out how to use your XD design to create an app here.

My masked shape is not displaying correctly in Bravo Vision.

Currently, Bravo does not support masking properties in Figma or Adobe XD. However, we do support boolean groups (union, subtract, exclude, intersect selection).

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