Sharing your app

Share your app with others to test and preview on their phone without installation or publication.

How to share an app by email

Input the email of the app invitee you want to share your app with. Click Invite. The invitee will receive an email that you have shared your app with them.
To access the app, the tester needs to download Bravo Vision and create an account with the email you invited them. Once logged in on Bravo Vision, they will see your app under "Projects".
The email input is case-sensitive. If you send the invite to "", they must input "Jon@..." instead of "jon@..." when logging in to Bravo Vision.
If your invitee log in to Bravo Studio on the desktop with the email address, they will not see your app in their account. The app sharing only allows them to preview the app, not edit.

Manage invitees

The emails you have shared the app with will appear below in a list. If the invitee does not have an account with Bravo, the circle icon will appear grey. Once the tester has logged in, the circle icon will turn into a coloured icon with two letters.
To remove sharing permission: Click the X next to the email. A confirmation modal will appear. If you confirm, the tester will no longer see your app in their Bravo Vision projects list.
This is a premium feature available in the Olé plan.
You can also share your app to multiple people with a link. To preview the app, they need to have Bravo Vision downloaded on their phone, but don't need a Bravo Studio account.
To get the sharable link: toggle on "Anyone with link can view" so it's green. Click "Copy link" to copy the link to your clipboard.
The generated link can be long. We recommend using Bitly or a URL shortener to share the link easier.
You can see how many unique devices has previewed your link. For example, if one person opens your link to preview the app on an iPhone and then a Samsung, it will show "Previewed on 2 devices". This number will include your own device, if you access the app with the link.
If you toggle off the link access, people with the link will not be able to access the app anymore. They will see a message "Access to this app is denied".