6. App Store publication

App Store Publication

This guide will explain how to fill the App required information in the App Store Connect and submit the app for review.
It's important that you check the App store guidelines to avoid rejections by Apple.

Version Information

To start you need to upload at least the screenshots for iPhone 5.5'' and 6.5'' screens, be sure to check or Bravo Stores Assets Kit to generate your screenshots easily.
Here are the specific sizes required:
  • iOS 6.5'' screen 1242 x 2688px
  • iOS 5.5'' screen 1242 x 2208px
Then it is required to fill in the app information:
  • Promotion Text
  • Description
  • Keywords
  • Support URL
  • Marketin URL
  • Build (select version)
  • Copyright
  • Age rating
  • Contact Information
  • Advertising Identifier → NO
If you get asked if your app uses Encryption or the app uses the Advertisement Identifier (IDFA), answer NO, as Bravo doesn't use any of those. Regarding encryption, Bravo uses the https protocol that is exempt.

App Information

Then it is required to fill in the app information:
  • Name
  • Subtitle
  • Privacy Policy URL
  • Primary Language
  • Category
On Pricing and availability, we can select the desired price tier or if the app will be free, also the availability in the different app store countries.
Regarding the App Privacy section, now is mandatory to be filled in, you will need to answer a questionnaire regarding the tracking that is done in the app.
Bravo apps do track data from the apps using some third party providers, we do track some identifiers to allow some of the functionalities like a a DeviceID and UserID which can be used on the API Bridge, we do track some anonymous usage data on the apps which helps us improving our product and resolving issues. And finally we also track crash reports to make our apps better.
Here would be the final result after filling all the information.
Once everything is filled in, add the bundle package via Transporter, locate the one you uploaded, and you're ready to submit for review.
Click on the Submit for Review button to send for publication review 🚀.
At this point, your app will be reviewed by Apple and can be accepted or denied. The first time an app is submitted it can take up to 6-8 days to be reviewed. Updates use to take a few hours.
If your app gets rejected, read carefully the reasons Apple point out, fix them and re-submit.