1. App distribution options

Understanding the different distribution options

iOS apps can be distributed in different ways, the more common process is to create a first version of the app and distribute it using Testflight to a limited number of users, once the app is ready it can be published to the App Store.
But there are other options for distributing and sharing iOS apps and it's important to know them:
Developer and Adhoc Distribution Allows to distribute the app to a limited number of devices, is required to enter the device identifiers of each device in the Developer Portal to allow the app installation.
Enterprise Distribution Allows distributing the apps to the employees of a specific company outside the App Store. Requires a specific type of Developer account, apps can be downloaded from a website of the Company or using the Company infrastructure.
Appstore Distribution Is the most normal Distribution option, apps are published in the Apple App Store, and everyone can download it, we can control in which countries are the apps available.
Before publishing the app its possible to use the Testflight program to distribute our app easily to a number of users.