Post-login page (Onboarding)
Add a page that will be displayed after a user logs in or registers
Some examples of what you can do using this tag:
  • Show a form to complete the user’s profile after signing up
  • Show a page to ask for notification permissions
  • Show a one-time welcome screen

👉 The Tag

Displays a post-login screen after a login or register action. It can be displayed only once (the first time a user logs in or registers), or always. It will be displayed after the login or register action, and before the home screen.
This tag will allow you to show a permanent screen after a user logs in and before they navigate to the home, or create an onboarding for first-time users.
📍 Where to add the tag: A top-level app page
[post-login:always] or [post-login:once]
//Add this tag in a visual element (NOT a top-level app page) to close the post-login screen.
This feature is only available for Firebase email/password login.

🏷️ How to add the tag

  1. 1.
    Create a post-login page design.
2. Add a container around the design.
3. Paste the tag [post-login:always] or [post-login:once] into the component name of the top-level app page, depending on the behavior you want to implement.
4. Paste the tag [action:close] into the component name of a visual element to close the post-login screen and navigate to the home page. Make sure you've specified the start of the prototyping flow in the Home screen.

💾 Example file

Duplicate the file below to see how to set it up!
Bravo Sample: Post-login Pages