Set up an API GET request for detail page - Xano

Remember that you can use the Xano API Wizard to automatically set up the GET requests for list and detail page. Also, if you want to import an API definition (Open API, Swagger or Postman), you can do that with the import wizard.

This tutorial is a continuation after setting up a GET request for a list page. If you haven't done that yet, check out:

Set up an API GET request for list page - Xano

Here is how to set up a GET request to display content based on the list item you clicked in the previous app screen.

How to set up GET request for a detail page

1. In the collection where you already created the GET request for the list page, add a new request and edit the name to help you identify it.

2. Copy and Paste the URL for a detail page request. This type of request will return a single record of data, from the data list we obtained in the list page request.

In this URL, add the $ sign before the ID that is given for Xano. This is necessary for Bravo to connect the app with Xano.

Check out this video to learn more about Bravo variables.

3. Now, we have to set the variable value. For this, go to Xano and click the Run & Debug button.

By default, Xano gives you the value 0, and we have to give it the value 1.

And now we copy this Variable name and the test Value in our request.

Press Send. You have successfully set up the detail GET request if receive a response under Received Data.

Select the data[].id that it will connect the requests.

5. Now you can do the binding. Happy bravorazing!

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