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Connecting to APIs
A tool's API is the way it can talk to another system, in our case, Bravo and your app. Check out these tutorials on how to set up API requests in Bravo to communicate with external tools.
Bravo can be connected to any API, as long as it is accessible on the Internet. This way, it's possible to create apps using any third party service of your choice to store and process the data.
โ€‹What is an API?โ€‹

Using the Data Library

The Data Library in Bravo is where you set up the API requests.
For example: If you want to display a list of items from your Google Sheets in your app, you first have to retrieve the data by setting up a request. Then, Bravo receives the data from the request and it's ready to be connected to an app.
Data Library tutorials

Using Data Binding

Data Binding is where you connect the requests to your app UI. To enter Data Binding mode: open an app project, click on an app screen, then you can start binding.
For ex: Once you retrieved the list of menu items from Google Sheets, you would click on the app screen with the menu design and bind the data to the respective UI element (i.e. bind the menu item name to the text box in your design).
Data Binding tutorials
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