Using the Airtable API Wizard

The Airtable API Wizard automatically creates GET requests from an Airtable base to display data in your app.
💡 Copy this example Airtable and try it out! 👉​

How the API Wizard works

1. In Data Library, click + New Collection and select Airtable.
2. Follow the onscreen instructions to find the share link of your Airtable base. Click Continue.
3. Follow the onscreen instructions to find your Airtable API key. Click Complete.
4. Wait for the Wizard to do its magic. Click Continue once all the steps are green.
5. The Wizard creates two requests per table: one for the list page and one for the detail page. Therefore, there are 2 tables in my Airtable, but 4 requests have been created. All the data records from the requests are also selected.
The Advanced view takes you to the "Custom API" view, where you can configure the requests further (like adding parameters).
6. You are done! Go back to your Projects and start binding data to your apps 🚀