Other Features

Does Bravo support smart animate or additional gestures from Figma prototyping?

Unfortunately, the Figma API doesn't provide all the prototyping properties, when they do we will be able to add it to Bravo. Having said that, you can implement some of these features using Bravo Tags (ex: slide menu). If you have a specific animation or gesture in mind, send us a feature request here!

Can I add Google Admob or monetization feature to my app?

Currently, Bravo doesn't support Google Admob or in-app paid features. You can add a web view Bravo Tag or an image + open URL Bravo Tag to create your own "ad space" in your app, as a manual process rather than through Google.

Can I add e-commerce to my app?

You can create e-commerce apps to sell physical products using our Payment with Stripe feature. You can check out a tutorial on how to build such an app here.
In-app payments to sell digital products and subscriptions are currently not supported.

Can I charge for my app in the marketplaces?

Yes, you can offer the apps created with Bravo both as free or paid apps.
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Last modified 4mo ago