Sharing your app
Distribute your app for others to test and preview on their phone without installation or publication.

📩 How to share an app

Input the email of the tester you want to share your app with. Click Invite.
Hint: If the tester has not ever logged in, the email text will appear gray. Once the tester has logged in once, the email text will turn black.
Note: Email is case-sensitive. If you send the invite to "", they must input "John@..." instead of "john@..." when logging in to Bravo Vision.
The invitee will receive an email that you have shared your app with them.
To access the app, the tester needs to download Bravo Vision and log in with the email you invited them via Enter your email.
Once logged in on Bravo Vision, they will see your app under Projects.
Hint: If your testers log in to Bravo Studio on the desktop, they will not see your app. The sharing only allows them to preview the app, not edit.

❌ How to remove sharing permission

If you want to stop sharing an app with someone, you can remove your app from their Bravo Vision account.
  1. 1.
    Click the X next to the tester's email.
  2. 2.
    Confirm that you want to remove their access to preview your app. The tester will no longer see your app in their Bravo Vision projects list.
Last modified 2mo ago